I have localised fat around my hips and thighs…

Q: I have  localised fat around my hips and thighs since I was a teenager. This is bothering me, having  difficulty to find clothes that feet, as I have a very thin waist, not in proportion with my hips, thighs and knees; tend to feel uncomfortable wearing dresses and skirts. 

Which are  the best treatment options for my condition? And costs?

A: Your situation is the best indication for liposuction: localized fat in a person of normal weight. The idea behind this surgical technique is removing  fat to reduce volume, not weight. 

Removing excess fat from the areas that are troubling your, will  harmonize your body contour, correct the imbalance and consequently improve self esteem. Will be easier to find the right clothes, and to feel  comfortable and confident.

As for costs it depends on the areas to be treated and the extension of the procedure. The best way is for  you to take an appointment with a Plastic Surgeon, confirm the  diagnosis, set an appropriate treatment plan and know the involved costs. 

Hoping you find it useful …

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