Plastic Surgery Dubai: Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Part II of the first sequel – Cosmetic Breast Surgery. 

Breast Augmentation (Augmentation mammoplasty)

  1. The principal goal of this procedure is to augment the breast size using breast implants with the intention of enhancing the breast shape and symmetry as well. For optimal results, it is not enough to just consider the volume. A correct diagnosis, good planning and choosing the right implant are key to obtaining the right results for you. 
  2. Implants – The latest FDA/CE approved implants are safe and have been used in many clinical trials. That is why I only choose these implants for breast augmentation procedures. My preference is to use anatomical implants rather than round shaped implants as they tend to offer a more natural result. 
  3. Procedure – It’s a “one day surgery” procedure, performed and under general anesthesia or deep sedation. The implants can be introduced through the areolar, axilla (armpit) or the inframammary fold, (the last two will not interfere with breast feeding), and placed over / above the chest muscles (submammary placement) or under the muscles (sub muscular placement). 
  4. Preparation and planning – You should consider an initial downtime period of 4 to 7 days; after which you can drive and get back to your normal daily activities providing they are not strenuous.
  5. During the first month of post-op care, it is necessary to wear a good sport bra and avoid extreme workouts that involve upper body weight lifting and high-impact exercises.

Breast Reduction ( Reduction mammoplasty): 

  1. The purpose of this procedure is to reduce volume, re-shape the breast and correct the position of the nipple areola. 
  2. Procedure – There are a number of ways to perform this surgery based on the volume reduction and the quality and quantity of the skin that needs to be removed. 
  3. Preparation and planning – The post-op period is relatively pain free. I often hear my patients saying that if they knew how easy it was, they would have done it long before! You should consider an initial downtime period of one week; after which you can drive and get back to your normal daily activities providing they are not strenuous.  
  4. The results obtained from this procedure go beyond cosmetics. It will provide comfort and the reduction / elimination of neck and shoulder pain which is a common complaint by many of my patients wishing to reduce their breast size.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) 

  1. The purpose of this procedure is to enhance the appearance of saggy (ptosis) breasts. 
  2. Procedure – This can be achieved using implants or the natural breast tissue for volume repositioning depending on the following factors:
    1. – An “empty” ptosis breast – Augmentation with an implant will be insufficient as there is excess skin. If not addressed correctly, the result will be “bigger saggy breasts”. 
    2. – A breast with suitable volume but saggy appearance – In this case there is no need for volume increase but the skin needs to be tightened and the volume repositioned in order to obtain a natural looking breast shape. 
  3. The surgery is performed in a similar way to that of the Breast Reduction procedure. 
  4. Preparation and planning – The surgical procedure and the recovery periods are similar to that of the Breast Reduction surgery.

Inverted Nipple Correction

  1. This is a minimally invasive procedure that will correct the nipple inversion. 
  2. Procedure -The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and the technique that I use will not interfere with breast feeding. In fact in some cases this procedure is done to enable breast feeding as inverted nipples can be a problem concerning this function.
  3. Preparation and planning – Does not require preparation, the pos op discomfort is minimal , and does not interfere with most of the daily activities.

Hope you like this post and find it useful. Please send any questions you might have on the subject and I’ll be happy to answer.

Stay tuned for Part III – Body Contouring ….

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