I am just finishing breastfeeding of my 6 month old child…

Q:Message Good afternoon Dr, Two of my friends have come to you and mentioned what a great job the breast implants they have received from you were. I am just finishing breastfeeding of my 6 month old child; therefore how long shall I need to wait till I am able to have a breast augmentation? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards

A: Thanks for your question and congratulations on your newborn child. Breastfeeding is really the thing to do at this time.!

Regarding the breast augmentation we should at least wait 4 to 6 months after you finish breastfeeding for two main reasons: 

-To allow enough time for the gland to stop producing milk, reducing any chances of infection and other complications.

-Wait for the volume to stabilise: after stopping breastfeeding the gland suffers atrophy, and the breast volume is significantly reduced. If we don’t allow enough time for this to happen, will probably choose smaller implants and the result will become short of your expectations. 

And is not just volume, is also the skin tightening that happens at the same time as the gland reduces; it can become tight enough, or still a bit sagged and might need to be addressed also.

Usually, all these processes take around 4 months and should be the right time to come for a consultation and have an appropriate assessment. At the same time, your child has grown and became a “bit” less dependable on you, freeing some time for yourself and for the post-op.

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